Empowering women who’ve undergone bariatric surgery to reach their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit

Bariatric surgery is often a landmark moment in a woman’s life, one where the potential benefits are life changing but the consequences of not reaching the desired outcome can be devastating. When this happens, many women start to lose all hope. They start worrying about never reaching their goal weight or worse – gaining it all back and the shame associated with it. They are often left on their own to try to figure out how to eat, what supplements to take and more – with little to no support.

Over a quarter of a million Americans opted for weight loss surgery in 2019 – that’s a 62% increase since 2011 according to data obtained from the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Despite the dramatic increase in the number of surgeries performed, the failure rate of these procedures is widespread with lap band and gastric sleeve having a 75% failure rate and gastric bypass roux-en-y resulting in a 20-35% failure rate with a 30% need for revisions due to complications and lack of weight loss. 

Truth be told, over 50% of bariatric patients experience weight regain or weight loss plateaus within 12-18 months of surgery and the ability to get back on track without revisions is slim to none. 

Why aren’t failure rates like these being communicated more transparently? Is it because weight loss surgery clinics want you to believe that you chose the wrong surgery, that you’re not exercising enough or that you’re not following the dietary recommendations that were given to you? 

Here at Bariatric Success, we know that none of these are valid reasons as to why regain and weight loss plateaus are almost inevitable after weight loss surgery. The methods that we use for sustainable, life-long weight loss don’t require another surgery, exercising to burn off calories or starving yourself with meals and shakes that leave you completely void of nutrients. And with a 95% success rate, we let our results speak for themselves.






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