After working with bariatric weight loss clients collectively for over a decade, co-founders, Noelle Creamer and Cassie Carpenter, realized that the support for this group of women was minimal and in a majority of cases, nonexistent. The clients coming in to see them shared heartbreaking story after story about how their weight regain and weight loss plateaus had crushed any hope that they had of getting their confidence back or resolving years of debilitating health issues. These women felt that they were at the mercy of what the surgery had dealt them, either success or utter and complete failure and that they had little to no control over their results. 

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive support program built on not only nutrition, but mindset and lifestyle as well, Noelle and Cassie set out to create Bariatric Success as a means to fill the gap between surgery and ultimately the rest of a bariatric client’s life. Years of clinical experience had revealed that yes, nutrition was a small part of the equation, but mindset, the ability to process difficult emotions and well-rounded accountability and support were a definite must to see any lasting success. Bariatric Success fulfills all of these realms and more and with over a 95% success rate, we let the program and our members speak for themselves.