What’s different about the Bariatric Success program compared to other programs or diets out there?

How are we different? We’re so glad you asked! Plain and simple, Bariatric Success was designed specifically with YOU in mind.  If you’ve had bariatric surgery and have not gotten the results you hoped for, or if you’ve gained the weight back, then our program is perfect for you! Weight loss and health (especially after bariatric surgery) demand a more holistic and integrative approach. The old adage “eat less, move more” is an outdated and failed strategy. The reality is – there is far more to it! At Bariatric Success we focus on sustainability and life-long success long after having weight loss surgery. Our program is designed and supported by science, research, and world-class health and wellness experts. We provide our membership with a proven plan, consistent accountability, daily support, and the resources, tools, and knowledge it takes to succeed.

How is success accomplished and do I have to count calories?

Do you really want to be counting calories or macros the rest of your life? At Bariatric Success we know that counting calories and macros does not work and there’s a much better way to live a happy and healthy life. Rest assured, we will teach you “how” and what real food to eat without keeping track of numbers. In addition, we help you uncover many hidden factors beyond food that most bariatric patients don’t even consider when it comes to sustainable weight loss.

What is Bariatric Success’s food philosophy?

At Bariatric Success, we strive to help our members establish a sustainable yet individualized approach to nutrition. We help our members focus on food quality and making healthier choices all without the need for calorie-counting, calorie restriction, meal replacements, or “diet foods”.

Will this program give me suggestions on what to eat?

Yes! You’ll receive an extensive approved food list, shopping guide as well as a recipe book. By the end of our program you’ll be able to create your very own recipes with complete confidence.

Do I have to exercise?

We believe that regular daily movement plays an important role in your health journey. However, intense exercise or cardio is not required to be successful in our program.

Will I be able to eat out and socialize while doing this program?

Absolutely! We believe nourishment is much more than what we put on our plate. Nourishment always comes from enjoying yourself and spending time with those you love. Plus, we have lots of resources and guides for eating out and staying on track with your goals!

How much of a time commitment is Bariatric Success?

Bariatric Success is a 4 month program. You’ll receive a comprehensive online portal that walks you through each week of each phase. We recommended dedicating 1-3 hours each week to complete your lessons and action items. Eventually, the things you learn in our program become second nature. You’ll enjoy everything about health and wellness!

What certifications/qualifications do the experts have?

The Bariatric Success team of experts come from a number of different backgrounds including nutrition, psychology, education, trauma, emotional eating and more. Therefore, our coaches have a number of certifications, qualifications, and degrees. We encourage you to check out our team page here to learn more about our world class experts!

Does it matter how old I am?

You must be at least 21 years old to work with Bariatric Success. 

Can I still apply even if I chose not to have bariatric surgery?

Yes, absolutely! We have several members who have opted not to have surgery and are doing exceptionally well in the program. 

Who is eligible to join Bariatric Success?

Women 21 years of age or older who are looking to sustainably lose weight and support their health with a multi-faceted approach that incorporates nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

Is your program covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, no. It is not that we don’t take insurance, rather it’s that insurance doesn’t take us. We do offer easy payment installment plans.

How much does joining Bariatric Success cost?

Once we determine you are a good fit to work with us, the total cost to invest in your transformation is $2,995. We offer different payment options which include a pay-in-full discount and financing with payments as low as $100 a month for those who qualify. If you believe you are ready to make the investment in transforming your health and life, we encourage you to apply to work with our team by scheduling a free session here.

What’s not included in my membership?

Everything you need to succeed is included in your program! You are only responsible for purchasing your food. As a member, you are also able to purchase pharmaceutical grade supplements at a discounted rate through our Bariatric Success Wellness Bar. However, they are optional.

What is your refund policy?

At Bariatric Success, we believe there is a better way to a better body, one that is built by you! We strive to provide the best experience possible. If you become a member and decide the program is not for you (we don’t anticipate this) we have a 14 day refund policy. Details can be found in the client agreement once you become a member.

How fast will I start seeing results?

We’ve seen our members start to improve their health in as little as 7 days.

What kind of results can I expect from a program like this?

Some of the results typically reported by our members are improved self-confidence, understanding of which foods are best for their body, weight loss, decrease in brain fog, increase in energy, improved digestion, improved skin health, better sleep, reduction of medications, less pain and inflammation, learning to enjoy foods without guilt or shame, clothes feeling loose, a newfound love for movement, a more optimistic outlook on life, lifelong friendships and connections, and more!

What kind of technology will I need to learn to do this program? Are there apps? Do I need a computer?

Our program is best completed using a PC, although using a smartphone device is feasible. You will want to create a free Zoom account to attend live expert calls. Many members prefer to print off worksheets or handouts from our curriculum so having access to a printer may be something you want to consider. A full program tour is included upon enrollment with our Bariatric Success Concierge and a walkthrough will be provided on how to access and use the various aspects of our course so that you feel fully supported and comfortable moving through our program.