What’s one thing that separates a successful bariatric weight loss journey and a failed one? Having a strong nutrition plan!

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Let us help guide you through one of the most stressful and overwhelming parts of your journey…grocery shopping!

After coaching hundreds of bariatric patients over the years, we’ve realized that it can be difficult to know what is “healthy”, especially when you are overwhelmed by all the “buzzwords”, products, and marketing claims that fill your local grocery store.

“Does it matter if my apples are organic?”

“Should my oils be high-heat safe or cold-pressed?”

“When should I prioritize quality over quantity (and vice-versa?)”

Creating a new life for yourself after bariatric surgery means learning how to shop and cook differently and the truth is, this is something that’s never really talked about by weight loss surgeons. Maybe it’s because they just assume that you know which foods to buy? Whatever the reason…. not to worry because our “Strategic Grocery Guide” is here to help take away the confusion so you can shop with the nutrition confidence you need to succeed!

With this e-book, you will learn:

  • How to read a food label
  • “Low-calorie” explained
  • “Low-fat” explained
  • “Low-sodium” explained
  • “Sugar-free” explained
  • “Plant-based” explained
  • Caffeine 101
  • Electrolyte drinks 101
  • Whole food blueprint
  • What to buy organic
  • What NOT to buy organic
  • Protein guide
  • Fat & Oils guide
  • Types of sugar
  • Know your sugars
  • Sweetener guide
  • Common food additives
  • Foods to avoid purchasing
  • Bariatric Success grocery store brand favorites
  • And more!

PLUS an additional BONUS SECTION: Detoxification Strategies for Weight Loss!

  • Detox 101
  • Detox pathways
  • Foods to support detox
  • Therapies to support detox
  • And more!

With our “Strategic Grocery Guide”, you will be well on your way to setting yourself up for success. You will know exactly how you should shop and what you should shop for!


Only $19.97!

So if you’re ready to build your own nutrition plan, be sure to purchase now before your next shopping trip so that you’re well prepared for bariatric success!