The Better B.O.D.Y. Blueprint

Phase 1: Balance

Goal: Hormone optimization, healthy gut microbiome, and reduced inflammation.

In this initial phase, we are working towards an optimal state of dynamic balance within your body. We begin to prioritize food quality in order to reap the benefits of a nutrient dense diet – which is vital for hormonal balance and weight loss. We begin to incorporate proven strategies for balancing the gut microbiome and reducing inflammation. A healthy balance of gut bacteria leads to a reduction in cravings, an increase in metabolism, and helps to shed unwanted fat. 

Phase 2: Obtain

Goal: Turn the “good” genes on and the “bad” genes off.

In our second phase, we help you obtain the extraordinary influence over the expression of your body’s genes, and ultimately how they impact weight. We look at the ways your genes talk to your environment and vice-versa. We present the strategies, habits, and lifestyle changes to adopt to keep your metabolism working at top speed and move your weight to where you want it. 

Phase 3: Define

Goal:  Creating your own personal “definition” of health based on your unique bio-individuality and the things we uncover.

In this phase, we help you define what other hidden factors are contributing to your weight regain. There are many culprits to weight plateaus that many bariatric patients do not even consider. In this step, we take a close look at factors like toxic load, environment, lifestyle and more. 

Phase 4: Yield

Goal: Feeling empowered and having the clarity to move forward confidently so that you continue to thrive and yield results for life!

In our final phase, we focus on the tools and strategies you need to yield results for a lifetime. In this step, we are melding in an important tool that we refer to as your “emotional metabolism”. Emotional metabolism aligns with your physical metabolism and is necessary to yield successful results for a lifetime. 

Bariatric Success Breakdown


Gut/Microbiome Support

Your gut is your “second” brain – it controls your mood, weight, hormones, and even your genetics!

Hormone Balancing

Hormone imbalances have the greatest impact on our weight loss efforts so it’s crucial that key hormones are optimized.

Reduced Inflammation

When inflammation is present, even those with healthy habits may find little progress towards losing weight.

Optimized Genetic Expression

Not all genes are set in stone! So-called fat genes can turn off and on depending on certain factors.

Emotional Metabolism

Your relationship with choices can speed up both your physical and emotional metabolisms.

Virtual Bariatric Success Portal

Our scientific and research-backed curriculum is designed to educate you, create awareness, and teach you the health promoting skills and tools necessary for sustainable weight loss and change.

Nutritional and Lifestyle “Tool Kit”

You’ll receive a library of the most effective and complimentary handouts and resources to help you improve your health and fat loss efforts.

Bariatric Success Wellness Bar

Your  health and safety are a top priority. Each product offered in our Wellness Bar must meet strict quality, purity, label accuracy, and safety standards, which provide peace of mind when purchasing optional supplements to support your journey. Bariatric Success members receive a discount on all products offered in the Wellness Bar.

Private Bariatric Success Group

Throughout the duration of our program you will have access to our private group which includes 9 different experts who are all invested in you and your goals! In addition, you’ll be able to communicate with and have the support of other women who are walking this same journey right along with you.

Bariatric Success Group Coaching Calls

Get all your questions answered during one of our (almost daily!) group coaching calls. Feeling stuck is a thing of the past. Our experts are there to provide clarity and direction to keep you moving forward. Our team will focus on topics like women’s hormone health, gut health, nutritional support, detoxification, mindset strategy, body image, trauma, eating psychology, accountability, transformational change and so much more!

Personal Concierge

Your Bariatric Success Concierge is there to hold your hand as you embark on this new journey. He or she will make the process of getting started super simple for you and will be there to answer any questions that pop up along the way!

Bariatric Success’ Better B.O.D.Y. Blueprint Priceless $1,450
Access To The Bariatric Success Virtual Health & Wellness Portal $2,997 $1545
Extensive Approved Foods & Drinks List $49 Included
Bariatric Success Recipes & Cooking Instructions $49 Included
Downloadable Food & Mood Journal $17 Included
Step-By-Step Bariatric Success Resource Guides $197 Included
Access to Private Bariatric Success Community $1,500 Included
Private Access to Bariatric Success Founders $4,800 Included
Access to Program Concierge $2,400 Included
Access to Health & Wellness Expert $3,200 Included
Access to Functional Movement Expert $1,600 Included
Access to Mind Body Expert $1,600 Included
Access to Addiction & Body Image Specialist $4,000 Included
Access to Naturopathic Doctor & Women’s Hormone Expert $2,600 Included
Access to Live Coaching Call Recordings $1,400 Included
Support Ticket $1,000 Included
Unparalleled Support Priceless Included
Much More… $$$ Included
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