Video Testimonials

Anita, Ohio – Went from feeling like she was on a solo mission to feeling fully supported with the right resources and knowledge to change her habits for good! For the first time in a long time…she’s back to loving herself!

Brittani, Arizona – As a busy mom of 3 young children, she went from feeling tired, crabby, and burnt out to feeling energized, light, and proud of the example she is setting for her family. Plus, she loves all the compliments she now receives.

Mandy, Tennessee – After having gained back almost all the weight she had lost from surgery, she was left feeling unsupported and a bit hopeless. Now, for the first time in her life, she feels in control! She’s enjoying continued weight loss, energy, and more!

Alisha, Colorado – From feeling confused about what to eat and what was “healthy” to learning what type of nutrition will jumpstart her metabolism and fuel her body. She’s thrilled with the changes she’s experienced in just the first few weeks and looks forward to the examples she’s setting for her son and husband.

Veronica, Missouri – A busy mom and wife running her own business who felt like she was completely left on her own to figure things out after having bariatric surgery 2 years ago. Since joining Bariatric Success, Veronica has found the support, the plan and the community that she was missing and now has the confidence to eat in a way that nourishes both her and her family. Her bloating, inflammation, fatigue and irritability are no longer a part of her daily life and she is continually experiencing new wins even after graduating.

Jamie, Indiana – American Veteran, dad of two who felt under supported and defeated after regaining weight post bariatric surgery. Now he’s lost over 40 pounds, has more energy, less depression, and feels empowered with the right knowledge to succeed for life!

Sherri, Oregon – After having two bariatric surgery’s over the course of 10 years, she felt frustrated by the weight regain and the vicious “yo-yo” up and down cycle of losing weight only to gain it right back. She had tried everything, and her surgical team offered little to no support. Now she feels empowered with the right nutritional knowledge and is no longer “starving”! She’s built an incredible foundation of healthy habits like movement and yoga, and has more confidence than she’s had in years!

Tracy, Indiana – She’s a breast cancer survivor who takes her health seriously. Since having bypass surgery in 2010, Tracy had been struggling with weight regain and the feelings of shame and embarrassment that often come with it. Her joints hurt all the time and she felt fatigued. After finding Bariatric Success, she’s been able to reverse her arthritis symptoms and her energy has skyrocketed! She’s been able to create more awareness around her emotions, feelings, and triggers. She feels confident, in control, and has developed a newfound love for herself and her journey.